C53 Felipe Xicoténantl

C53 Felipe Xicoténcatl

This, approx. 63 m (207 ft) long minesweeper has been the habitat for many fish in the Chankanaab bay, since June, 2000. It lies at a depth of approx. 22 ms (73 ft) and extends to approx. 8 ms (26 ft) under the water surface. It sits upright on the sandy bottom of the sea and hosts groupers and large schools of fish such as glassy sweepers.
There are large openings in the side walls through which divers can enter the wreck and inside, guiding ropes have been laid to facilitate easy navigation in the wreck. For photographers, it offers beautiful motifs. In strong currents it should not be dived.

C53 Felipe Xicoténantl
C53 Felipe Xicoténantl

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