The most famous reef off Cozumel on which Jaques Cousteau reported in detail. It is approx. 5 kms long and is devided from north to the south in four sections: Palancar Gardens, Palancar Horseshoe, Palancar Caves and Palancar Bricks.
The reef has no distinct steep face, but one can penetrate gradually to great depths.
The diversity of animal and plant life is not so big as in a lot of other reefs of Cozumel, but this reef fascinates by its grand coral formations which form canyons, coral arches and many tunnels of which many are not investigated yet. One will see big barracudas, unusually big snappers, big groupers and according to season eagle rays. The dives begin at 25- (82) to 30-m (98 ft) depth; then slowly you go on 21 ms (70 ft) to stay there for some time, because there are the most beautiful coral formations; then you slowly ascend to the reef roof which is at 6-to 8-m (20 to 26 ft) depth. There one spends the last minutes of the dive. The rich animal and plant life greater in the shallow area and one has the chance of seeing big schools of horse eye jacks and in the sandy area large southern stingrays.

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