You have to dive with Volker!

You have to dive with Volker!

Diving with Volker is great, fun, relaxed and just fine.

Before the dive Volker informs extensively about processes as well as the dive site and afterwards is talked about the dive. Since Volker is a biologist, he knows like no other!

The boat is shared with 1-2 other guides, including small groups of 2-3 people who also come from Cozumel (sharing the boat is not uncommon on Cozumel, as there are limited permits for driving on the Marine Park). The other guides on board are also super and always in a good mood (underwater you do not get much of the other groups, because you separate i.d.R.).

The boat crew is also awesome. Super nice, funny and ready to help. In addition, there is simply a delicious lunch on board between dives and water all you can drink during the whole trip – boat toilet is also available.

We have been with some dive centers, but Volker has made it by far to rank 1!

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