Cozumel with Volker Pohl

Cozumel with Volker Pohl

I came across the positive reviews here (which, however, are already a few years old) on Volker Pohl.
Have a Cozumel holiday booked (02.01.2017 – 08.01.2017), and what else is there other than diving?
So I wrote an email to Volker, who then promptly answered. The communication went smoothly and all questions were answered quickly and to my satisfaction and clarified.
Packed the junk, and over to the island.
One day before the actual diving adventure began, Volker came to my hotel and we checked the brevets ugdl.
a very detailed briefing on how the sequence of the next 4 days of diving will be organized. Furthermore, I received from Volker a multi-page description of the island of Cozumel with history, attractions, restaurants, bars, taxi tariffs etc … This information I found very useful and gave me some added value for my vacation.
Then Volker took all my scuba gear with me, which I thought was great!
The next morning I was picked up directly at the pier of my hotel (Secrets Aura Resort & Spa) from the boat of the “Deep Exposure” where Volker has rented. To my surprise, everything was already set up for me on the boat (bottle / reg / jacket /) and in position, so that I only needed to control more if everything was ok. I was not used to this service until now (mainly Croatian divers).
Normally you drag your junk in the heat criss-cross – Here everything is ready and you just slip into his suit, jacket, fins off, glasses on and purely into pleasure – STOP – almost – before of course there is a briefing The dive sites are explained in detail and the possible sightings of flora and fauna are discussed.
To the dives themselves:
Volker takes the time you need, and underwater he is just a true “knackers”, so it has been very pleasant for a diver like me to follow him, and just let me take, because Volker is also a studied biologist and knows all the creatures and plants underwater very well, so that underwater really nothing misses.
Since we dived in the south / southwest of the island, we could also dive many underwater passages, canyons and the like, which remind in some places at St. Johns in Egypt. That Variety is always taken care of.
We observed many turtles, nurse sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, snapper, groupers, etc etc. and of course Volker also showed me the coral toadfish that only occurs on Cozumel (!)
Between the dives, we were supplied by Pepe, the on-board sailor, well with bread, guacamole, ham and cheese. Attention: his Pico de Gallo is tw. spiced with habaneros. If you are not used to spicy food, you should train yourself beforehand, as the food is really amazing! Pepe also helps you get out, takes care of the bottles and also takes care of the washing (washing) of the equipment.
After the dives, you simply leave your equipment on the boat – it is then hung by Volker in the base and prepared for the next day. The next morning you are so completely relaxed pick up at the pier, and the adventure goes into the next round.
On the last day of diving everything will be left on board and Volker will make an appointment with you in the evening. He returns to your hotel with your washed and dried-out equipment, and there is a debriefing.
The best thing is, however, that you get a several pages (!) Long logbook (see picture), where all dives and all sightings are described down to the smallest detail. From this wealth of detail, I was absolutely surprised and you could tell that Volker was a passionate diver and biologist!

So I can Volker without exception to everyone who wants to dive in Cozumel! It could not be better! I forgive 6 out of 5 stars!

I hope I can put my fins back into the water soon!

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