The Cenotes were created by an elevation of the earth's crust or a lowering of the sea level that created the limestone caves which are flooded today and belong to one of the most interesting diving attractions in the world. We use a complete set of safety equipment for the cave dives (double tanks., lines, two regulators, 3 lamps …).

For divers who do not have special training for cave diving, the so-called “Cavern Diving” is offered. These dives take place in the entrance area of the cenote, but you do not always see the light daylight and will have the feeling to penetrate deeper into the cave. These dives are led by specially trained guides.
Cenote Diving

Prerequisites: OWD-brevet or equivalent education level; a basic brevet can be sufficient if the diver is experienced. Good buoancy is required.

Procedure: You will take the ferry from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen at 7:00 am. The following transport takes place with a minibus or car. When you arrive at the Cenote, your equipment will be prepared and you are ready to dive.

Dive: The water of the Cenotes is cooler than the sea. You therefore need a diving suit. Furthermore, a lamp is necessary. Suits can be borrowed from us. The dive center provides air cylinders, lead and lamps. As part of such a full-day excursion you will dive in two different cenotes.

Please book this diving trip in advance. This fantastic dive is an unforgettable experience for every diver!

Cenote Diving

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