Almost all dives in Cozumel are drift-dives with currents that change, more or less strongly, according to the diving site and season and can also change during the dive.
The boat follows the divers, so that one can drift with the current.

Shortly before the end of the dive a safety buoy is set and a safety stop on 5 ms / 16 ft. is executed. 2 dives per trip are done between which a surface interval of at least 60 minutes is inserted. During this time the divers are provided with snacks, fresh fruits etc. that is contained in the diving price. The departure takes place at 09:00 a.m. in the harbour Fonatur or at the pier in San Miguel and according to the distance to the diving site and the boat we are back between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.. The guests must make their own arrangements to come to the harbour Fonatur, because we may not carry persons on account of the taxi driver's guild. This is controlled regularly by the police.

Protection of the reefs: the reefs before Cozumel lie in the Nationally Marine Parc. Fishing, hunting, collecting and the use of gloves or knives are forbidden. In order to avoid damage to the underwater world, a good buoyancy is expected from the divers (this is particularly expected of divers with video- or photo-equipment). We ask that you do not disturb the animals.
Please also use only biodegradable sunscreen.

AQUAMARINAS thanks for your understanding and cooperation for the conservation of the reefs. Admission to the National Marine Parc costs 20 pesos per person per day (included in diving rates). These funds are used to protect reefs and their surveillance.

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