1. Preliminary remark: AQUAMARINAS Cozumel, Mexico (V.i.S.d.P.) Is a Mexican company founded in 2005 with the aim of spreading and expanding the knowledge of the marine life in Mexico, as well as the development of diving in Mexico. With this in mind, AQUAMARINAS organizes diving stays in Mexico along with various tour operators around the world.

2. Focus of stay: Diving off the island of Cozumel, Mexico.

3. The prices include: For the dive packages: guided dives, bottles, lead, meals on the boat (sandwiches, fresh fruit, biscuits and drinking water) and entrance fee for the marine national park.

4. The prices do not include: flight, airport fees, visa, vaccinations and any insurances. Equipment rental, transfer from the hotel to the departure point and back, dive training, food and drinks outside the boat. Tipping and all private expenses.

Single prices: Please see the price list. The prices are in US dollars and are updated twice a year.

5. Group discount: For groups of more than 10 divers, we grant a discount of 5% for diving. For groups of more than 20 divers, we grant a discount of 10% for diving.

6. Special conditions: The listed prices are in US dollars and are per person. AQUAMARINAS is not liable for the provision of services by external service providers. In particular, a refund of the travel time due to the fault of external service providers of AQUAMARINAS is not granted. These include late arrival or early departure for which other service providers (such as airlines and others) are responsible, in-house issues (such as double occupancy, overcrowding, short-term booked rooms) and personal reasons of the traveler.

7. Deposit – Payment: Upon reservation a deposit of 30%, but at least 60 USD is due. In case of cancellation on the part of the guest at least 48 hours before diving, the guest will receive the deposit back. If the dive trips are impossible due to bad weather or fault of AQUAMARINAS and a relocation of the diving dates are not possible, the guest will get back the full deposit amount. Credit cards are not accepted.

8. Cancellation fees:In case the guest just doesn't show up or cancellation less than 48 hours before diving start, no refund of the deposit amount will be made.

9. Cancellation of booking by AQUAMARINAS: The guest will receive back the full amount of the deposit, if he can not take the booked dives through fault of Aquamarinas.

The traveler is not entitled to reimbursement if AQUAMARINA's cancellation is necessary due to force majeure or an increased security risk.

Claims for damages can not be asserted by the traveler even if there are political, social or ecological reasons for the cancellation. As soon as your trip needs to be changed due to such circumstances, you will be informed immediately. We are not liable for any travel interruptions and cancellations for which the traveler is responsible.

10. Offer at the time of booking: The services we offer and descriptions of Activities are up to date at the time of booking. Of changes for your booking on our part, we will inform you as soon as possible.

11. Hotel: Classifications of hotels in South America do not match those in Europe. AQUAMARINAS assumes no responsibility for a change of hotel, claims for damages can not be asserted.

12. Necessary knowledge for boat dives: Level 1 CMAS / PADI Open Water or Equivalent Brevet.

13. Description of Dives: We do 2 dives per day. Between the dives a surface rest of at least one hour is inserted.

14. The certification: It is possible to take diving courses in PADI. Look at our price list.

15. Diving insurance: Each diver should have their own underwater insurance. We are happy to help with the conclusion of such insurance

16. Cancellation insurance: AQUAMARINAS does not offer such insurance, but it can be arranged with the tour operator or other tour operators. On request, we will gladly give you the addresses of appropriate tour operators. In general, such insurance costs 2.5% of the travel price. Find out about the special conditions in your booking contract.

17. Health, Accident, Repatriation, Nursing, Baggage Insurance: AQUAMARINAS does not offer such insurance, but it may be purchased from the tour operator where you have booked the flight. On request, we will gladly give you the addresses of the appropriate tour operators. In general, such insurance costs 1% of the travel price. Find out about the special conditions in your booking contract.

18. Necessary documents: diving certificate, if possible logbook, own diving insurance is recommended. Disclaimer and informed consent for safe diving must be signed by the diver before the first dive.

19. Entrance to the Cozumel Underwater Park: Entry into the marine marine park is for the preservation of the marine biotope and is included in the dive price. You will receive a bracelet that you must wear during the dives.

20. Short-term resignation from the dives: AQUAMARINAS must be informed about all resignations from the dives (due to illness, prevention, program change, etc.) one day in advance. Otherwise, the dive can not be refunded. With proof of a medical certificate you can make up for the dive another day, the dive is not granted.

21. Bad weather on site: Dives that can not take place due to bad weather can be made up for on other days. If it is impossible to catch up with the failed dives during your stay, they will be refunded at the end of the trip.

AQUAMARINAS, Cozumel, Mexico.