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Cozumel offers an exceptional variety of diving possibilities. With its extraordinary visibility, wealth of marine life, impressive reef formations and underwater landscapes, the reefs of Cozumel are one of the most beautiful diving paradises of the world.

For experienced divers, the cenotes located on the mainland offer cave dives of a special kind. Hundreds of kilometres of well known and unknown cave systems inviting to be explored.

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Diving Rates

Unfortunately we cannot offer you a ride to the boat, because the transportation of private persons and tourists is forbidden by the taxi association. The keeping of this rule is strictly controlled and contravention highly punished. Furthermore, you are not allowed to travel over the island hitchhiking.

If you like, we can store your diving bags at the dive centre. Also on the last day of diving we can wash and dry your equipment, if you want. Then you can pick it up at the dive centre on the evening before or on the day of your departure.

We also greet non-diver aboard if the boat is not fully occupied (see price below).

General Info

Boat Dives

The 2 dives regarding our daily boat trips are done on different reefs. As far as a third dive, we need a minimum of 6 divers, and at least 4 to do a night dive with the boat.


The boats are equipped with oxygen, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, life jackets, cellular phone, GPS, radiotelephone, and especially an experienced crew.


As a special service Aquamarinas takes care of the daily transportation and the daily cleaning of your diving-equipment. Diving bags are also available.

Almost all dives in Cozumel are drift-dives with currents which change according to the diving site and season, more or less strongly, and can also change during the dive. The boat follows the divers, so that one can drift with the current. Shortly before the end of the dive, a safety buoy is set and a safety stop on 5 ms (15 ft) is executed. 2 dives per trip are done between which a surface interval of at least 60 minutes is made. During this time, the divers are provided with snacks, fresh fruits etc.. which is included in the diving price.

The dive groups are kept small (depending on the level of certification up to max. 6 divers per group and guide) and the duration of the dive depends on the air consumption of the most air consuming diver in the group.

Aquamarinas doesn't have its own embarcation but contracts with different boats owners. This way Aquamarinas has different sizes and comfort ways of taking you to the dive sites. Following are the two boats listed, with which Aquamarinas mainly undertakes the dive trips.

Deep Exposure


Licensed for max. 16 divers plus 2 Crewmembers.

Deep Exposure II


Licensed for max. 6 divers plus 2 Crewmembers.


Our diving centre is linked to an hyperbaric chamber with qualified diving doctors on the island. You can visit the hyperbaric chamber at any time. Doctors specialised in hyperbaric medicine are constantly present there. English is spoken.



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